Aint I purdy?

Aint I purdy?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

About Me

Hello there. My name is Olive. I am a female Brindle Great Dane, who was born on March 23rd, 2008. I live in Chaumont with my Mommy (Laurie), my daddy (Dave) my human brothers, Doug, Kyle and Ryan, and my canine sister who is a collie (Maggie). My mom thinks I am the most beautiful dog there is. She spoils me rotten, even though I sometimes am a bad girl and poops on her carpet. I am learning though. She picks up my messes then loves on me. Now, this white stuff outside, its ok I suppose, my collie sister loves it, i tend to slide all over because of my lanky legs. I am getting use to it though. I love to chase dad's chickens, he thinks its funny sometimes. I love pupperoni's, milk-bone large biscuits and CHEESE!!!!! Well thats all for now I suppose. I will be posting on my blog and putting up pics periodically. Thanks for visiting. Ruff Ruff

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