Aint I purdy?

Aint I purdy?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahhhhhhh the warmth

Well, its another snowy cold day here in Chaumont NY. Not much for me and mom to do today except clean house and relax on the couch with our soaps. Speaking of soaps, they took our Guiding Light from us and now we hear they are taking As the World Turns off the air too??? What are mom and I going to do between Rachael Ray and Ellen??? Oh I just love Ellen. Well, enough of this, its time for me to go hop on mom and tell her my tummy is growling and I need a pup a roni........ later. Love you Cindy and Luke!!!


  1. Hi Olive!! welcome to the blogging world!
    cant wait to see more pictures of you!

  2. BARK! Hi Olive. We dont have much of the white stuff out here, but one time we did and I wasnt so sure how to walk on it either. Were you born in NY? Welcome to the doggie blogs! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  3. Hello Miss Olive,
    I was wondering if youd like to be my (girl) friend? Did you know I have a little person called Olive? Shes 5 months old now.
    Ill come visit soon, Love Major from Australia

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